Old Age

Should We Live In Crete?

Are you curious as to why they live longer lives in Crete? Are you wondering what their secrets are to healthy and happy longevity?

As it turns out, the people of Crete have several habits, traditions and lifestyle choices that may be contributing to the fact that they tend to live up 10 years longer than most people around the world.

A Mediterranean climate

Crete is known for having a Mediterranean climate that contributes to its longevity. The atmosphere of the area is mild, with the temperatures typically ranging from 5 to 24 degrees Celsius during the winter months and 14 to 30 during the warmer seasons. Sunny days are quite common, with sunshine duration averaging at 8 hours per day in July and February.

This results in an ideal environment with clean air and plenty of natural sunlight, which have both been studied and proven to provide significant health benefits. The combination of these factors reflects Crete's reputation as one of Europe's taking in terms of healthy living and longevity.

Locals walk everywhere and eat fresh fruits and vegetables

The Cretans have earned their reputation for being an active and outdoorsy people. You'll often see them walking to their destination rather than taking a car, bike or public transport.

Eating fresh fruits and vegetables is also part of the local lifestyle, from exploring the locally sourced markets to indulging in home cooked meals that use quality produce, Cretans pride themselves on their food choices!

Plus, it's a great way to enjoy nature, soaking up the sun, getting some exercise and breathing in the Mediterranean air. Incorporating such lifestyle choices certainly explains why the locals are known for their vigour and vitality.

Whether you visit just for a short time or stay for longer, don't miss out on experiencing this vibrant culture and its enviable outdoor lifestyle!

Strong sense of community

In Crete, it is easy to observe the strong sense of community amongst its people, they tend to look out for and care for each other in a way that is unique and increasingly rare nowadays. Those living there rely on one another for various reasons, from everyday chores such as trips to the post office or local grocer, to more serious matters such as helping an elderly neighbour with daily tasks.

This kind of unity within Crete fosters a deep understanding amongst those living there and provides an overall sense of security, creating a safe and supportive atmosphere for all. It allows for traditional values and tight-knit group bonds to remain intact no matter what changes come their way.

Place of relaxation and religion

A stay in Crete is an excellent opportunity to experience the religious traditions of the Cretan locals. Like many other regions in Greece, locals are deeply invested in their faith and often use it to guide their daily decisions and practices.

In addition to traditional forms of worship, the locals also take time out of each day to enjoy life's simple pleasures. Whether it's a tasty home-cooked meal or a long walk on the beach, there is a strong appreciation for taking moments out of one's day to appreciate the little things that make life special.

This attitude has earned Crete the reputation as being a place of relaxation and peace building amongst its visitors from all over the world.

A beautiful place to live

Crete is a breathtakingly beautiful place, with rolling hills and jagged mountain ranges that astound visitors. The island's coastal landscapes are a sunbather's paradise, while its crystal clear waters ensure plenty of opportunities for snorkelling or diving.

There is much to explore on the island, including historic monuments such as the Palace of Knossos and intriguing traditional villages that have retained their old-world atmosphere.

In addition to stunning natural beauty and rich cultural heritage, Crete also offers an outstanding culinary experience with a wide variety of local cuisine. All these features make living in Crete an unforgettable experience!